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(noun) : a joyous song or hymn of praise, tribute, thanksgiving, or triumph; broadly : ENCOMIUM , TRIBUTE

this journal was formerly:vs_designs

The majority of my graphics are my chemical romance. deal with it.

01/ Please tell me if you are taking any icon/graphic -- which one.

02/ CREDIT -- I work hard on these. I mainly make them for fun, but I give you guys the option on whether you want to use them or not. All I ask for is the proper credit I deserve. It's places like the Ultimate My Chemical Romance Site that take my stuff without crediting.

03/ Comments are accepted and appreciated :) It keeps me motivated.

04/ Save to your own server. photobucket.com and imageshack.us offer free image hosting.

05/ Requests are accepted as well. I'll try my best as long as you can give a good detail of what you want.

Memories - check for earlier icons (also ones posted in vs_designs)

Affiliates - always accepting

Resources - where to find pictures/brushes/textures/etc. that I use.

promote if you want =)
please save to your own server

any questions? email me at paeanicons@yahoo.com