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26 My Chemical Romance icons, 4 banners/graphics [03 Oct 2006|01:41am]


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40 Welcome to the Black Parade icons [28 Sep 2006|01:52am]


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18 My Chemical Romance icons [22 Aug 2006|03:33am]
After lack of enthusiam on doing this, I'm back! 
and I made these. Nothing special but..I like them :)


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5 banners [each member] [11 Apr 2006|10:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

from backstage to the doctorCollapse )

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12 My Chemical Romance icons [05 Dec 2005|06:30pm]


your starless eyes remain.Collapse )

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32 My Chemical Romance Icons [20 Nov 2005|05:33pm]
i mean this forever.Collapse )
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12 My Chemical Romance icons [06 Nov 2005|11:19pm]


strike the choirCollapse )

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15 My Chemical Romance icons / 5 My Chemical Romance graphics [05 Nov 2005|06:05pm]

inside that cave you call a chestCollapse )
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Update [03 Nov 2005|12:46am]
new icons/graphics coming soon! I've been ultra busy.

this post is mainly to inform you I've finally started up my photography journal.
go to it please and look! you have to friend it, but I promise you it's worth it. I have the recent My Chemical Romance and He Is Legend up right now. The Acaedmy Is... is this Friday, so I'll have pictures for that soon :)


and if you promoted it, that'd be awesome too!

(tell me if the picture stops to work and I'll re-upload it)

7 My Chemical Romance graphics [16 Oct 2005|09:29pm]
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

another.sad.song.with.nothing.to.sayCollapse )
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20 My Chemical Romance icons / 1 header [15 Oct 2005|06:09pm]

05/  11/

that girl's not right in the brainCollapse )

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Top 29 favorite icons [12 Oct 2005|11:13pm]

Time for some old but good icons that you may not have seen. Some you have.

09/   26/ 

please understand you've had every chanceCollapse )

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[10 Oct 2005|03:35pm]

I should have more graphics soon.

I just went to the MCR concert in Georgia on Saturday & it was amazing. If you haven't read it in chemicalromance or on my photography/concert review journal ladyrevenge, you should cause it was seriously the best night ever for me.

go check it out! =)

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8 Various Artists' lyrics headers [29 Sep 2005|07:13pm]


alcohol and bandagesCollapse )

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9 My Chemical Romance Graphics [26 Sep 2005|11:39pm]

random graphics :)

01/  02/
get your gunCollapse )
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15 My Chemical Romance icons / 6 banners [25 Sep 2005|11:12pm]

05/  11/ 

before I pull this triggerCollapse )

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1 JamisonParker banner [22 Sep 2005|10:45pm]
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Lyrics from: Slow Suicide by JamisonParker
I'm sure you've heard of them..and if you haven't you need to listen to them because they're really good.

comment&credit if you take this.

ps- I'm most likely going to make a bunch of my chemical romance icons this weekend. So, I haven't died! Just been ultra busy.
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18 Beetlejuice icons [18 Sep 2005|01:22am]

01/  16/

never trust the livingCollapse )

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15 My Chemical Romance icons [29 Aug 2005|07:56pm]

shot lipgloss through my veinsCollapse )

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QUICK UPDATE* [28 Aug 2005|05:12pm]

Hey guys.

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. My computer is giving me so much trouble lately. The screen likes to mess up and my folders with all my pictures either don't load at all or take an eternity to load. Either way, it's slowing me down. I'm getting it fixed soon and hopefully it will work a lot better so I can make some stuff. I did manage to make one thing before it started acting crazy. So, to make this post a little better:

requested by: princessqt2

it's up for grabs, just remember to credit. :)

Also, if you want to request a movie/band/actors/etc. for future icons and graphics, just leave a comment of what you would like to see here.

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